Well, let’s start at the beginning. Kylie was born in 1980 in Morrinsville, Waikato. She’s the oldest of 3 kids to her Mum & Dad, Pat & Carol. Her brothers are Dylan who is 2 years younger & Matt who is 6 years younger. Kylie spent her first couple of years growing up in Papa New Guinea, where Pat taught brick laying to the locals.

When the family came back, Kylie spent her Primary School years at Massey Primary and West Harbour Primary, where she loved to play netball and hang out with her friends. After primary, she went to Massey High School and left at the beginning of Year 12. From there Kylie worked at The Warehouse in Henderson full-time, where she met her now fiancé James, while also studying to be a beautician at the College of Camille, in New Market.

While Kylie was off doing her own thing, as young adults do, Pat had decided to start his own business Western Lock Services. As the business started to grow, Pat needed help to run the shop. This is where Kylie came in. Kylie was thrown into the deep end; she had no experience running a shop let alone how to cut keys and fix locks, but she could give you an awesome facial and wax your eye brows. But she learnt, and learnt quickly. Pat showed her everything, all the tricks.
Kylie learnt how to deal with customers, order product, run the accounts, do the invoicing, cut the keys, pull apart locks and fix them.

While doing all of that, Kylie also had two beautiful boys, Cullen & then Riley. As time went on the business required more hands, so as her bothers, Dylan & Matt got older, they both joined the team. They all work well together; Kylie knows how to keep the boys in line and on track. There is not much Kylie doesn’t know, when it comes to working in the shop, even the boys ask Kylie for her advice.

Kylie is a HUGE part of Western Locks, without her, I don’t know what we would do. She has the patience of a Saint when dealing with difficult customers. She has even been caught talking to a couple of customers for more than 10-15 minutes about what’s going on in the world.

Kylie has a heart of gold and would do anything to help your out.