Enhance security and convenience in your home, office, or business. Western Lock Services can replace traditional lock-and-key systems with electronic and keyless entrance door locks, providing additional security features. Get in touch today.

Switch to Electronic Locks with Western Lock Services

Switching to a keyless entrance door lock can be made easy with Western Lock Services. Our team will help you choose the ideal solution tailored to your specific door requirements. We offer professional electronic lock installation to ensure a seamless transition to your new keyless system.

Not all electronic locks are equal or compatible with different doors. Before you rush to purchase the fab electronic lock you found, you are welcome to check with us to make sure it is the right fit for your door.

Whether you need a basic PIN code entry lock, a lock managed via an app, or one that lets you make remote changes, we’re here to assist you in finding the perfect keyless entrance door locks for your needs. Talk to our friendly team today for professional assistance.


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We specialise in:

Digital Door Lock Installation

Digital Door Lock Installation

Smart Lock Installation

Smart Lock Installation

Why Choose Us?


Providing Hassle-Free Access

Say goodbye to the hassle of physical keys. Electronic locks are convenient for businesses with multiple users or homeowners who want to eliminate the risk of losing keys.


Integration with Smart Home Systems

Electronic door locks can integrate with other smart home devices, enhancing overall home automation and control.



Smart door locks allow remote monitoring, providing real-time information about who enters and exits the premises.


Customised Access Levels

Businesses can assign different access levels to employees, ensuring restricted areas remain secure, while homeowners can customise access for guests or service providers.

Our Project

At Western Lock Services we completed a key project involving the installation of a comprehensive keyless entry and access control system at Westbridge Residential School. This project aimed to provide the school with enhanced security measures while offering administrators complete control over access to various areas of the campus.

Client: Westbridge Residential School is a prestigious educational institution known for its commitment to providing a safe and conducive learning environment for its students. With a large campus comprising dormitories, classrooms, administrative offices, and recreational facilities, the school recognized the need for a robust access control solution to ensure the security of its premises.

Scope of Work: Our team at Western Lock Services worked closely with the administrators of Westbridge Residential School to assess their security needs and develop a tailored solution. The scope of our work included:

  1. Consultation and Assessment: We conducted a thorough consultation with the school’s administration to understand their security requirements and identify key areas for access control implementation.
  2. System Design: Based on the assessment, we designed a comprehensive keyless entry and access control system that would allow administrators to manage access permissions for different areas of the campus efficiently.
  3. Installation: Our team installed state-of-the-art access control hardware, including electronic door locks, proximity card readers, door closers and key override, at strategic entry points across the campus.
  4. Integration: We integrated the access control system with the school’s existing security infrastructure, ensuring seamless operation and compatibility with other security measures in place.
  5. Training: We provided comprehensive training to school staff on how to use the new access control system effectively, including managing access permissions, issuing credentials, and troubleshooting common issues.
  6. Backup and Maintenance: As part of our commitment to ongoing support, we established a backup and maintenance plan to ensure the continued reliability and effectiveness of the access control system.

Outcome: The implementation of the keyless entry and access control system at Westbridge Residential School has significantly enhanced the security of the campus. Administrators now have complete control over who can access various areas, improving overall safety for students, faculty, and staff. The seamless integration of the system with existing security measures ensures optimal performance and ease of use.

Conclusion: At Western Lock Services, we take pride in delivering customized security solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. The successful completion of the keyless entry and access control system installation project at Westbridge Residential School demonstrates our commitment to providing superior service and support to help organizations achieve their security objectives effectively.

Westbridge Residential School case study done by Assa Abloy

What Our Customers Say

Joe Cosio
Joe Cosio
28 February 2024
I called Western Lock re a broken shed door lock. Their response was friendly, fast and professional. My lock was replaced in 30 minutes and I am a very happy customer. Thanks to Kylie and your team for their excellent service.
Anne de Kretser
Anne de Kretser
27 February 2024
After losing my house keys a friend recommended Western Lock Services to me. Dylan came around, changed the locks, also advised on the security of the windows. Very prompt and efficient service. Would use Western Lock Services again.
Shane Hegh
Shane Hegh
26 February 2024
Great personable service that you only get from a small business, Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend
John A. O' Brien
John A. O' Brien
25 February 2024
It's the first time I've had to call Western Locksmiths, & I have to say it was a wonderful experience. Friendly, professional, on time, & attended to my problem in a few moments. They rather much epitomize the very best of a small NZ business.
Janine King
Janine King
22 February 2024
Very friendly, helpful service from Kylie in the office. Bevan arrived on time to fix our window stays and replace door knob. Professional service and reasonable price. We have used Western Lock Services previously to replace rollers on ranch sliders after another company told us we would need to replace all our ranch sliders! Highly recommend for all aluminum joinery servicing.
Rob Smith
Rob Smith
21 February 2024
Very friendly helpful service
Leigh Catt
Leigh Catt
20 February 2024
Kylie is a credit to Western Locks. She is lovely to deal with, higly efficient and you are left feeling confident that everything will be taken care of. Thank you Kylie.
Jade Rayner
Jade Rayner
15 February 2024
Fast to respond!! Professional team!! Well priced!! Highly recommended
Andrea Mexted
Andrea Mexted
12 February 2024
Highly recommend this company. Awesome customer service. They are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Wouldn't use anyone else.
Huan-Wei Liu
Huan-Wei Liu
10 February 2024
The staff who attended my house was helpful and professional, most importantly the whole process from booking an appointment to solution to our slider door issue was hassle free, we appreciated their help

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