Are your sliding doors catching, sticking, and not sliding the way they should? This is more than likely a track and roller problem. If your track is not in line or your rollers are damaged, you may want to think about getting it serviced.

If you are looking for a professional for Sliding Door Repairsthen you have come to the right place. Hire a professional to get the problem examined and fixed. Our locksmiths will get the work done while saving you time and money without the hassle. So do not waste your time looking for hacks to fix it yourself. Put your trust in our locksmiths to do the task successfully and efficiently.

We can handle repairs whether it is on an older style sliding door or on a newer more modern design. With years of expertise, our locksmiths are well-equipped to handle any door situation without hassle.

The reasons for getting your Slider Door Repaired

  • The door itself was getting stuck on the track and not rolling 
  • The handle of the door was broken
  • The sliding door was jammed and the track was splitting
  • The lock mechanism on the sliding door was broken
  • The slider was not opening and closing properly

Types of Sliding Doors

It doesn’t matter what type of door you have or how old it is. We service doors from the 70’s right up to modern doors.

Sliding Door Repair Services

  • Sliding Door Lock & Handle Repair/ Replacement
  • Sliding Door Roller Repair/Replacement
  • Track Repair/ Replacement

There is nothing quite like a sliding door that doesn’t work. Does it get stuck on the track? We want you to avoid getting the door replaced. The door and track with new modern rollers or upgraded tandem rollers can make the door roll like new.  Some people have no idea there was such a thing as a sliding door repair service but of course there is! All you have to do is call Western Lock Services and we will arrive with the help you need