With 50 + years of experience combined our team really knows what we’re doing when it comes to repairing and servicing domestic sliding doors. Whether they are old or new.

If your sliding door is making funny noises or you’re finding it hard to open and close, or even lock it, or you are just generally frustrated, it sounds like it’s time for a service or repair.

The average life expectancy of the rollers and track is around 10-15 years. In the 1970s and 1980’s sliding doors were widely used. So we are now seeing a lot of the same issues occurring with rollers and track damage, so with proper servicing and repairs, we can get your door running to a new condition!

Specialist Technicians

Servicing and repairing sliding doors can be seen by some as a simple task. This isn’t always the case and can often become a more difficult and timely process than it first seems, and the end results may not be as good as they should be.

We are sometimes called out to correct repairs undertaken by handymen or inexperienced people, who lack the expertise/knowledge and skill to make the correct and proper repairs. As specialists in Sliding Door repairs, we have accumulated the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to repair sliding doors to better than new.

Correct Wheels / Rollers for your door

There is a wide range of sliding doors, which means there is a wide range of rollers and wheels. Not every door is the same, so purchasing the correct ones can mean the difference between your door rolling smoothly or not.

Some rollers are now obsolete, which can mean a new type of roller will have to go in place of the old ones and it may even need to be modified or they may go for a tandem roller instead (double wheel)

The weight of the door can also affect the function and ongoing reliability of the doors rollers or wheels, our Locksmith will advise onsite what will be the best option for your door.

Our Locksmiths will ensure that wheels and rollers are correctly installed and adjusted so that the door is balanced so it locks/unlocks easily and runs smoothly.

Repairing Damaged Tracks

The longer you leave damaged and broken rollers in your door, the more damage it is doing to your track which the door runs along, which can be causing irreparable damage.

Western Lock Services can repair your track by installing a stainless steel cover track, designed to fit over the worn and damaged track and fixed down.

The advantage of the track cover is it allows your sliding door to be repaired where otherwise replacement is required. Once the track capping is installed along with the replacement rollers the door will roll and run as if it was a new door.