Window Security and Servicing

Are your windows sagging or have a gap in them once closed or do they fly open?

We can fix this. The likely problem is that the hinges or friction stays have worn out. We carry a range of stays to accommodate all types of windows, from top hung to side hung. We can remove, replace, refix and rehang.

Are your windows secure?

We have a range of window restrictor stays for both wooden and aluminium windows. Restrictor stays allow the windows to be left open providing ventilation to the area while someone is home or work place. Restricting the window opening is ideal to stop little ones climbing out windows or opportunists from climbing in.

If you are wanting to secure the windows when shut, we have a range of locks designed for all types of windows, which will allow you to securely deadlock your windows.

Are your Window catches breaking off?

Window catches are a common item that work loose or break off over time. We carry a full range of catches for both aluminium and wooden windows.

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