• LIGHTS    Like bats and rats, burglars like the cover of darkness, so having good lighting in and around your home is important. Having outdoor lighting should put off any burglars hiding in any dark spaces. You can get motion sensor lights, which get set off from any movement in the dark. These can be purchased from any good Hardware or DIY stores. They are also great for when you get home late at night and you’re trying to find your keys and lock in the dark.  Also leaving a light on in the house if you are going out at night or you are leaving for a few days, these can be activated by a timer, so you are able to set it to come on only in the evening.
  • Locks    If you have just moved into a new place, it’s always a good idea to get all the locks rekeyed. So you can be reassured that you and your family are the only ones that have keys to your home. Also if you are going to hide a spare key outside, PLEASE DON’T hide it in the most common places, eg: under the front door mat or under the pot plant next to the door, that will be the first place the burglar will look! Also on any entry door, it’s always a good idea to have some sort of Deadbolt/Deadlock, as it makes it a lot more difficult for someone to force open the door. These can be a bit more expensive, so to have at least one on the main door is a good idea.
  • Close your windows    An open window is an easy invitation for a burglar, as it’s common to leave a windows open during the Summer. Even if you need to pop out to the shops for some milk a burglar could take quick advantage of your mistake. So, have a quick look around the house before you leave, and make sure that the windows are all closed. Safety Stays on your windows are a great deterrent for burglars, as it make it a lot hard for them to get through and into your house.
  • Meet your Neighbours    Having a good relationship with your neighbours, could potentially save your home from being burgled. They could keep an eye on your place while you are away or at work and of course you can do the same. Also joining up with the a neighbourhood watch group, can be a way of getting to know people in your area, and keeping everyone informed of any suspicious activity going on.
  • Security Systems    Today there is a huge range of Security Systems out there, everything from high tech with all the bells and whistles to the more basic and simple units. As the technology progresses, more option become available like, sensors for your windows and door, video cameras for outside and in, you can even have full control from your smartphone with immediate updates.
  • Clear and secure the yard    It’s always a good idea to make sure that you aren’t making it easy for someone to get into your house or steal your tools. By leaving a ladder lying about, it’s easy for someone to use to climb up and into a window left open. Tools left out, are a great way to lever open a door/window or smash through glass. If you have a garden shed or garage, make sure that it can be locked, as your tools can be easily stolen or used to break into your home.  A great way to stop people from driving up your driveway to scope out your place is to chain and padlock your front gate.
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